Join the movement. Add your voice. Talk openly about mental illness.

Welcome to Sign your name now so that those with mental health issues know they are not alone and show your support for those struggling with these treatable conditions.

Whether you have a personal story to share or haven’t been impacted by mental illness at all, we hope you’ll find this site to be a place for the people of Texas and its neighbors to openly talk about the issues surrounding mental health and its importance in our lives.

Okay to Say is a community-driven movement initiated by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
with support from community partners to increase public awareness that most mental illnesses are
treatable and to offer messages of hope and recovery to Texans and their families.

People in communities across the state are joining the movement to make it okay to talk openly about mental illness—just like any physical disease. By adding your voice and inspiring others to join too, together, we can eliminate the discrimination and stereotypes that stand in the way of people getting care for this treatable disease. And that will help make Texas a healthier place to live for all of us.

How can I help?

By showing your support for the Okay to Say movement, you are letting people know that it’s time for a change in the conversation about mental illness. Whether you have a personal connection or just think it’s too important to ignore, we need your voice in addressing the stigma surrounding these issues.

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    Stand Up.

    Sign Up

    The wall above is filled with names, pictures, and stories of people who have joined us in this effort. To contribute, choose one of the buttons above. If you’d like to show your support privately, you can email us here.

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    Speak Out.

    Be Part of the Conversation

    Talk openly about mental health issues and the Okay to Say movement on social media. Like and follow our pages to stay up to date on our progress and share with your friends. Use our hashtag #okaytosay to keep the conversation going on your pages.                    

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    Make it Okay to Say.

    Take It to Your Community

    Whether it’s bringing a few friends to an event in your area or planning your own, your participation helps show this movement is valuable. If you are an organization and want to be come an Okay to Say partner, let us know below. We’re always looking for new additions to the family!

    Feel free to use these materials to raise awareness about the Okay to Say movement.



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