Okay to Say was launched by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute and our partners to increase awareness that most mental illnesses are treatable and to offer messages of hope and recovery to Texans and their families.

The goal of Okay to Say is to change the conversation and perceptions around mental illness, which ultimately can lead to:   

  • Growing understanding, advocacy and support for the mentally ill.
  • Improving access to community services for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Accelerating progress in the quality and delivery of mental health care.

The idea for Okay to Say resulted from a statewide survey of Texans that found:

  • 3 in 4 Texans have a friend or family member that has experienced a mental health issue.

  • 9 in 10 Texans think it’s harder to talk about mental illness than physical issues.
    (Download the Infographic for more survey results.)

The Institute saw a parallel with physical diseases that once were hard to talk about. When people began to stand up, speak out, and make it okay to talk openly about their experiences and recovery, their personal stories created movements that changed perceptions and the quality and delivery of health care.

We believe Texans will benefit by building that kind of momentum to improve the quality and delivery of mental health services in their communities.

Stand Up. Speak Out. Make it Okay to Say.

To really change the dialog around mental health will take more than a short-term campaign. Okay to Say is envisioned to be a dynamic, ongoing, community-based movement that will engage Texans statewide in talking openly about the hope and recovery surrounding treatable mental illnesses.

Just by signing your name, you are helping to change lives. It’s easy to join, and you have the options to:

  • step_1
    Add your name to the support wall. (You can give your full name, first name, or leave an anonymous message.)
  • step_2
    Share a personal story as others have.
  • step_3

    Use social media to share your post and invite others to join.



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